We all need to feel nurtured – and not only when we are very young.

It means lots of different things to different people, as this long list shows:

  • People care for you and look after you
  • Respecting your needs –friends and family
  • Food
  • Cuddles
  • Being loved
  • Supported
  • Happy with yourself
  • Feeling your potential
  • Seeing your potential
  • Caring for something or someone (siblings)
  • Being guided
  • Having someone to look up to
  • Being encouraged
  • Setting boundaries
  • Your needs
  • Someone who wants the best for you
  • Letting you learn from mistakes
  • Teaching right from wrong

Nurtured in your own words.

Skye's poem contrasts the lives of two young people – one who’s been nurtured and one who hasn't...