Like wellbeing itself, the word achieving means different things depending on what else is going on in your life. We thought it could be big, like winning the Olympics. But for someone else, just getting up and getting to school might feel like a huge achievement.

Here's what we thought achieving means:

  • Different for everybody – big, like winning the Olympics
  • Winning this competition!
  • Getting a degree
  • Getting up at the right time/getting to school
  • Learning to talk, read and write (particularly for younger children)
  • Gaining respect
  • Stopping smoking (if you’re older)
  • Reaching a new level in a hobby
  • A sporting achievement
  • Sticking to your goals
  • Working your way up at your own pace
  • Having your own goals
  • Being like someone you admire
  • Finding someone who shares your opinion
  • Realising potential

Achieving in your own words.

Emily thought that having a sense of achievement was vital to person's wellbeing: