Meeting the Minister

The winners of the Wellbeing competition were all invited to the Scottish Parliament for the launch of the website they’d been working on, and had a tour of the building with Aileen Campbell (Minister for Children and Young People). Here’s what Emily thought about her visit:

"Before we met Aileen Campbell, we got to see the website for the first time. I remember feeling so proud of everyone, that all our hard work had come together over the few months of working on the project.

"We all re-introduced ourselves to Aileen - we had already met in a video conference on our first meeting - but it was amazing to meet her properly in person. Aileen told us how she was so proud of us, it was so heart-warming!

"Aileen took pictures with all of us including selfies! She then very kindly took us on a tour of the parliament including the rooms where MSPs can sit and think about stuff, I loved the comfy chair next to the window, I definitely have to get one for my bedroom!

"All in all, a great day was had by everyone and I wish I could relive it again. I know we will all stay in touch, hopefully having a reunion with everyone involved and I will also keep in contact with Aileen Campbell with how I am getting on with all my work."