Skye's winning entry

Every day he walks to school, even when the rain will drool.
Every day she gets a lift to school in a car that’s really cool

He walks in the door and up to class; they all say he smells when they pass.
She walks in the door and up to class; they all smile when they pass.

The teacher’s nice and gives him food. He says that it tastes really good.
The teacher shouts at her for being mean. She bullies him because his clothes aren’t clean.

He runs out the class and starts to cry, nobody ever realises why.
Everyone in the class laughed, they all think he is so daft.

He runs back into class in tears, as everybody inside sneers.
She whispers to her friend, “When will this ever end?”

He hears the bell for lunch; he wishes he had money for a munch.
She smiles when she hears the bell for lunch; she has extra money for a yummy fruit punch.

He sits alone in the corner with a rumbly tummy, all the while wishing he had a nicer Mummy.
She has lots of fun playing with her friends; she hopes the fun will never end.

Lunch is over and he hears the bell. Back to English where he will learn to spell.
She walks in the class when she hears the bell, holding her nose when passing the boy with the awful smell.

He takes his seat in class at the back. He can’t stop thinking about last night’s attack.
She sits at the back with her friend; hope it’s not long till the school day ends.

He struggles with his English because he can’t spell. When he asks his Dad for help all he does is YELL!
She is good at her English and her Maths, too; when she asks her Dad for help he says, “That’s all I want to do.”

He listens anxiously for the bell; what’s going to happen tonight he cannot tell.
She listens excitedly for the bell; what she’s going to watch on TV tonight she cannot tell.

He walks all the way back home from school; people shout at him and call him a fool.
She gets a lift back from school in a car that is also very cool.

He opens the door to see his Mum and Dad; he can smell the drink and this makes him mad.
She opens the door to see her Mum and Dad; they hug her and ask her how was school? She replies, “Not bad.”

They slap him and tell him this is his entire fault; every night they give him the same assault.
They kiss and cuddle her before they turn off the light; saying, “We love you darling, sleep tight, good night.”

They tell him to get to his bed on the floor before turning off the light and walking out the front door.