Rebecca's winning entry

A person has to be responsible for their own wellbeing. Wellbeing means to be healthy and happy and prosperous.

My name is Rebecca and I am 13 years old. My mum and dad have looked after my wellbeing since I was born. Now I am getting older I have to start being more responsible for myself.

My mum always makes sure I have a healthy diet. I try to eat fruit and vegetables most days. I also have chocolate now and then. A little in moderation is all right. I also try not to drink fizzy drinks and have water instead. Every six months I go for dental check-ups so that my teeth and gums stay healthy and strong.

Being active makes you feel good and helps your wellbeing. I don’t like playing any sports but I do like to go walking. If the weather is fine my mum and I go for long walks. Swimming is another thing I enjoy doing that is fun as well as making you active.

Eating a healthy diet and being active is only part of what wellbeing means to me. Another part is having a nice clean, warm, safe environment to live in. I am very fortunate that I have parents who have provided all these things for me.

As I get older I have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing. I will have to make my own decisions and say no to any temptations that are offered to me, like cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. These are all things that can seriously damage your health.

Now I have left primary school and I am nearly going into second year at secondary school I have to work hard in all my classes and try my best to pass my exams. This will hopefully help me to get to college and get a good job. Having a job that pays well will let me get a decent house of my own when it's time to move out of my family home.

A person's wellbeing is an important part of their lives. If you can try your best to stay safe, active, healthy and be responsible for your own actions you will be on your way to achieving your own wellbeing.