Jade's winning entry

As I watch him eat I let out a sigh,
He sits at the table with his plate piled high.
My stomach begins to growl and ache,
I tiptoe downstairs to see what food I can take.
I grab the last slice of bread and a lump of cheese,
Then I sprint back upstairs before anyone sees.
I sit on my mattress in the middle of the floor,
I eat all my food and then wish I had more.

As I watch his house he climbs into his bed,
His mum tucks him in and plants a kiss on his head.
I can hear my parents coming upstairs,
I should be asleep but nobody cares.
Nobody comes to wish me goodnight,
I walk across my room and turn out my light.
I crawl back to my mattress and curl up in a ball,
But I know I won’t manage to sleep at all.

I rush out of bed at a quarter to eight,
I retrieve some old trousers hoping I won’t be late.
I look at his house as I shove on my shirt,
His clothes aren’t all covered in dirt.
He packs his bag and puts on his tie,
As he walks out the door his mum hugs him goodbye.
While I stare at him walking my tears reach the brim,
The real truth is, I just wish I was him.