Emily's winning entry

Firstly, I think it is very important that people know the official meaning of the wonderful word ‘achieving’. “To achieve: to carry out successfully. Accomplish and to get or attain as the result of exertion. Reach.” This dictionary definition encompasses a whole range of various ideas and goals, which with determination are attainable. In my opinion achieving is that meaning and so much more. Without setting any goals, with no ambition, life would be dull and very unfulfilling. Everyone has a goal, something they want to achieve, both children and adults. This could be anything, simply learning to talk, to read, and to write or it could be a sporting goal, to run that little faster round the 400m track, to achieve that belt in karate or even to get the Olympic gold medal.

All achievements are different and mean different things to different people. An achievement no matter how big or small it may seem is setting the way forward to achieve further things. Everyone will look up to an idol, a family member, a friend, a celebrity, pretty much anyone that inspires you. Imagine not having that person to look up to. They wouldn’t have got anywhere they are today without the thought of achieving anything. Your school teacher, Mo Farah, Tom Daley, Simon Cowell, Stephen Hawking, to name but a few. All started off like us but never gave up on their goal, no matter how much they had to persevere. Achieving is important because it makes you feel you have accomplished something, feeling so proud of yourself you could burst, that big grin that you just can’t wipe off your face.

People who do not feel a sense of achievement in daily life are lost; they have no motivation and nothing to look forward to in life. One achievement could hold the key to a happy lifestyle and self-confidence, which can enhance your overall wellbeing. Achievement can be a difficult thing to maintain and many people lose the commitment to carry on.

Without achieving these goals you will feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Just think of the emotional pain you would have if when you are all grown up and look back with regret remembering how you gave up on yourself always asking, “What if…?” or, “If only I…”. Don’t be that person. Be the person who can look back at that photo album holding the giant football cup or the university degree. Just one achievement could open so many doors for your career, the more achievements you have on your CV the better, and it shows a sense of commitment and ambition.

I know without the thought of achieving anything in my life I would feel really down. You only get one life; life is short so why not make the most out of it? Next time you see something new on the school noticeboard give it a try and put your heart and soul into it and reach for the stars!