Annabel's winning entry

Every child has the right to feel safe
To be nurtured and to have a loving place

No child should feel lost, lonely or scared
They should be joyful, happy and fully aware

Some people may take advantage of their youth
So it is up to us to protect them from abuse

The children should feel safe knowing that we are there
As at this age it is all about fun and being fair

You may not take notice of this poem you read
But this affects you, the world and the children who plead

There are children around us sadly crying out for help
But no one hears them, there all by them self

Children are being bullied right before our eyes
Yet no one will see, so away they go and cry

The children are trying to seek out help
But no one sees them and no one can tell

These children are alone, scared and have faced
A childhood of sadness which is much out of place

There are children all around who are hurt but will not tell
They put on a brave face when they are going through hell

They would ask for help but it’s just too hard
So they keep to them self as the bullies play their cards

They face the pressure at school, then again at home
They may never get away, they feel forever alone

The children have to keep fighting, they try and stay strong
But when you ask about their life, nothing is wrong

They face all the pressure while you just stand there
They find it hard to keep going, while you think they don’t have a care

Every night feels like it could be the last
Crying them self to sleep because they are an outcast

Telling your family that everything is fine
But being abused feels like the end of the line

But there is a glimpse of hope, through the misty darkness
Where they can get away from the bullies and their sharpness

Get the children to seek help and give a speck of hope
An act of kindness from you means another child who can cope

Stop them always feeling alone or even being scared
Give a little help and show them how you care

Help the children back to the light
Out of the darkness and into the bright

This poem is to try and help all the children out there
To stop the hate and not let bullies dare

Help us lead the way to a better place
Where they don’t worry about size, looks or race

Let’s not let children feel alone or feared
Let’s let them be them self and stop feeling weird

As the children only have the one go at being a happy child
Let’s make them all happy and stop the world from going wild

So if you want to help these children, spread the word around
To stop children being alone and stop their crying sound