Abby's winning entry

There was a girl who was called Cara and she had no friends and no one to talk to. She never joined in with any of the games the other people in her class were playing.

She always ate rubbish things like sweets, takeaways and fast food. She didn’t like vegetables, fruit and healthy home-made meals – or is this because she never tries them?

She was always alone at school and didn’t mix with other pupils which meant she didn’t achieve what she could have because she has lost a lot of confidence. She never had any hobbies after school and didn’t do anything to keep her active and fit.

One day at school a girl from her class felt sorry for Cara and asked her if she wants to join in with her and her friends but Cara was afraid to say “Yes” so she said “No!” and the girl never asked Cara again. Nobody asked Cara why she felt this way and so she continued to be the
odd one out in the class… Until a new pupil arrived.

The new pupil was called Hannah and she felt alone like Cara as she was starting a new school. Hannah was put into the same class as Cara and noticed that Cara was always on her own and never took part in any games. So, at lunch, Hannah went up to Cara and began to talk to her.

At first Cara was a bit quiet but she realised that Hannah was in the same position as herself so they began talking and found out that they like many of the same things. They soon became really good friends and Cara began to make changes to her life because of Hannah.

Hannah liked to swim so she took Cara along with her and she enjoyed it so much that they went every week together so Cara was feeling healthier. Cara was now more active and confident which enabled her to mix with others so she was more included and felt a part of the class.

This meant that she was able to pay more attention to her school work and could ask for help from her teacher or classmates so then she achieved more and felt way happier to go to school.